Glen Scott - Web Development Consultant, Norwich

How Can I Help You?

  • Conduct internal research and development for your organisation
  • Web development services for your creative agency
  • Perform a security audit on your codebase
  • Create a custom plugin for your WordPress install
  • Technical recruiting for your organisation

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Why You Should Work With Me

I can be a great fit when working with your organisation, and here's why:


I have been working professionally with web technologies since 2000.


I have a large number of satisfied clients who can testify that I can get the job done.


I've worked with some of the largest and most innovative companies on the web, including Yahoo!.

How I've Helped Other Businesses

“Using Glen’s development services has helped take Pro Copywriters’ Network up to the next level. He has successfully created a revenue stream for the existing directory by implementing a paid membership tier. Alongside this, he has also made the site responsive making the site experience pleasurable regardless of device or browser.”

Tom Albrighton

Professional Copywriters' Network