LaTeX dissertation template for M801

Next month I start my 13 month research project and dissertation, which forms the last part of my MSc in Software Development. The research project is based around the topic of mining software repositories.

I was disappointed to find that the OU offers a dissertation template in Microsoft Word format only, so I’ve knocked together a LaTeX version which I’m hoping will be of use to others.

At the moment it’s quite rough, but it should provide a good starting point for further development.

Glen Scott

I’m a freelance software developer with more than 10 years’ professional experience in web development. I specialise in creating tailor-made, web-based systems that can help your business run like clockwork. I am the Managing Director of Yellow Square Development.

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5 thoughts on “LaTeX dissertation template for M801

  1. Zsuzsa

    Hi Glen,
    I’ve just found your page – I started M801 this month and was searching for LaTeX templates for the disseration. The github link doesn’t seem to work – do you still have the template in a public place?

    1. Glen Post author

      Hi Zsuzsa,

      Thanks for your comment — you are correct, I’ve since deleted the template from Github. I have an updated version locally, so I’ll dig it up and re-upload it in the next few days.

  2. Zsuzsa

    thanks, Glen – I think you moved around the two graphics so I had to adjust the references to them in the methods and results chapters. This is just hair-splitting, of course 😉

    Thanks a lot, this saves me a lot of work!


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