Follow the bright spots

Chip and Dan Heath make a great point in their book about changing behaviour that you need to follow the bright spots:

Investigate what’s working and clone it

It’s something that I’ve realised is really important when you are running an online service like FreelanceDevLeads.

Since I launched at the beginning of the year, I’ve been focussing on finding out:

  • Why people are signing up for the free examples, and not paying for the full service
  • Why people are signing up and then cancelling after a month
  • Why people are visiting my landing page and not signing up at all

All of these issues are related to people that are not necessarily a great fit for my service.

The fact is, my service is not for everybody.

I should be focusing on the customers who are getting value from the service and have been quite happily using the service for months. These are the people that will give me the greatest insight on how to grow and improve the service.

Glen Scott

I’m a freelance software developer with 18 years’ professional experience in web development. I specialise in creating tailor-made, web-based systems that can help your business run like clockwork. I am the Managing Director of Yellow Square Development.

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